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The New York Knicks lead the Atlantic Division and are not far behind in the lead in the Eastern Conference. The odds that Glen Grunwald and the New York Knicks make a deal at the NBA trade deadline are slim, but NBA teams and GM’s are always looking to upgrade their talent and give their coach the tools to win. As long as chemistry issues do not disrupt their team, the Knicks should be looking for talent upgrades for this season and beyond. Here are some ideas:

Trade 1:

Knicks trade Steve Novak and a 1st round pick to Dallas for Dahntay Jones and Bernard James. Novak has been under performing and with emergence of Chris Copeland he is expendable. Jones gives you great perimeter defender and Bernard James offers you solid frontcourt help and a guy who has great character.

Trade 2:

Knicks trade Steve Novak and Marcus Camby to Charlotte for DeSagana Diop and Brendan Haywood. This would be a salary dump to give the Knicks more flexibility in the near future. The Knicks would pick up Haywood for the rest of this year and next to be their back up center for Tyson.

Trade 3:

Knicks trade Steve Novak, Iman Shumpert and a 1st and 2nd rounder to the Grizzlies for Ed Davis, Darrel Arthur and Tony Allen. The Knicks get young up front and receive a solid defender at the 2 guard for the rest of the year. Not sold on this one though. Losing Shump would hurt, but Davis and Arthur would solidify the Knicks frontcourt for the next 3 years.

Trade 4:

Knicks trade Steve Novak, Balkman’s expiring contract, Ronnie Brewer  and a 1st  rounder for  Samuel Dalembert and Mike Dunleavy. Knicks would pick up 2 expiring contracts and 2 players that could help you in their playoff run.

Trade 5:

Knicks trade Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, Iman Shumpert and a 1st rounder to the Jazz for Paul Millsap and Raja Bell and a 2nd rounder. Knicks need a low post scorer big time. Millsap is a free agent and the Jazz have an abundance of bigs.

Trade 6:

Knicks trade Steve Novak and a 1st rounder to the Suns for Jared Dudley and Jermaine O’Neal. Dudley could be the Knicks 2nd/3rd option as well as the little tings he does that Novak doesn’t. Jermaine O’Neal might have a little left in the tank for a final postseason run.

Peter A – Knickswag

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  • vern

    Well, one thing I guess we can say for sure is if in fact we do trade we can be sure Novak is in the package.

    • Peter A

      I woiuld think so, but not sure what his value is. Iman, Novak and 1st rounder for Millsap and Foye?

  • vern

    PS: I think I’d like trade #4 or #6

  • john

    Id give away marcus camby in order to obtain Samuel Dalembert.Dalembert is younger,stronger and healthy.

    • Peter A

      I like Sam, but why would they want Camby?

  • http://JoshSmith Youssouf Doumbia

    By watching Clippers Team beat the Knicks,the Knicks management they should take a good look for the Knicks Team.This team can not beat any team over 500.this team has been beaten by Houston Rockets twice .Also, beaten by Chicago Bull without the best player. I think that the Knicks need Josh Smith that is one of the player that they need trade for give Steve Novak and Iman Shumpert that will be very good.Or make a trade for Paul Milsap and for the same thing it is time if you want to get a good player you have to give up also to get good players. We saw this last month and the team Toronto they got Rudy Gay that is the player the Knicks have to get after. They could purpose Steve Novak and Iman Shumpert right now they can be looking for the eighth spot after the All Star Break because it is painful to watch the Knicks playing sometimes the coach Mike Woodson likes to play too small and sometimes he does not play Chris Copeland and knowing that Steve Novak can not play defense or offense and keep playing Steve Novak over Chris Copeland he does not play Chris Copeland because he said that one day that Chris Copeland is a rockey and it does make no sense that is the old time coaching he should not play Steve Novak over Chris Copeland i hope that they won’t sit down there to be satified for this Knicks team because if they do not do something before the end of the month we will be looking for the eight seat Carmelo Anthony can not do everything by himself they should watch the tape it is painful to watch sometimes we have a coach that can not adjust he like to play small too much that kind of play we could not beat Maimi Heat or Indiana we saw the that Washighton team beat the Knicks die hard Knicks fan. Please do trade because we are sick and tired watching the Miami Heat winning.

    • Peter A

      Well said

  • Severiano Arocho

    The Knicks need to trade for a big n a SG who could play defense.if u run with Miami u will lose.if u pl at bulls they have. Too many big men.dallas beat Miami Cruz of half court game with big men heat can’t match up with.notice when rasheed went down defense went down.make heat jump shooters close down middle no layups u win.