Knicks News: Beno in the Mix?

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Knickswag Notes:

The New York Knicks are kicking the tires on every player in the league it seems like. Next up is Beno Udrih. Beno is a 6’3″ 200 pound PG from the Yugoslavia. He is in his 9th year in the NBA and has played for numerous teams. Last year for the Bucks/Magic he averaged over 8.2 points and 4.6 assists in 22 minutes of play.

Beno is known as a very good passer and has a great handle for the game. He is a “push the pace PG” who  could really help this team. If the Knicks could convince him to take a veterans minimum deal, NY would be getting a steal for their 3rd string PG. Stay tuned!

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  • KTAB

    Beno though week on defense can be trusted to run the offense on the 2nd unit. I’m not sure you can trust Delonte, Toure (Shump 2.0) or Bobby Brown to run the offense.

  • Knickswag

    Delonte make me nervous