Knicks News: Cope Wants to Stay, But…

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Most of us expect Cope to get his money and move on from the New York Knicks. I for one do not want to lose Cope, but having said that, I also do not want to use the only valuable chip in the Knicks’arsenal to keep him in the orange and blue. At first I did, but the more I look at this teams roster, the more I realize how many holes they have to fill. His suitors, with money in hand, are about to come calling for his services. I am not sure we have enough anyway to compete, unless he takes his qualifying offer.Chris_Copeland_(cropped)

Via Shams Charania/RealGM

Just last year, Chris Copeland rejected substantial proposals from clubs to fulfill his desire to play in the NBA. After a breakout season with the New York Knicks, Copeland knows he’ll once again have to pass up larger offers for his hope: a return to the Knicks.

European powerhouse FC Barcelona has elevated its pursuit of Copeland and wants to start negotiations on a lucrative contract for the 6-foot-8 forward, league sources told RealGM. Copeland will listen to all potential suitors, but still, he’s made clear his willingness to return to the Knicks even if they aren’t able to match his most pricey offer.

“Returning is very much an option,” Copeland’s agent, John Spencer, told RealGM. “He turned down several options to play, turned down enormous money to get an NBA opportunity last year. He wants to play and wants to contribute. The Knicks are a good organization, with Mike Woodson and the list goes on.

I am sure Chris has a good heart and wants to stay with the team that gave him a shot in this league, however giving him the taxpayer mini mid would completely limit the Knicks’ chances on picking up a solid back-up PG (Nate Robinson) or a solid PF (Andray Blatche).

I would assume that Chris will not take his qualifying offer and most likely will be gone, so the Knicks should look at some other small forwards that could fill the hole that Chris has left. One name that comes to mind is the recently worked out Shawne Williams, who would most likely take the vet’s minimum. Shawne is a better defender and could also guard some PF’s as well. He does not have the offensive repertoire that Cope has, but he could still do the job adequately. The signing of Shawne, for the vet’s min, would give the Knicks the opportunity to pick up a solid PF or PG with the taxpayer mini mid. This should be there focus.

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