Knicks News: Delfino off the Board…Knicks Getting Shut Out?

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This one hurts. With the free agent class dwindling as we speak, the New York Knicks are left out in the cold once again. When the free agency window opened, NY started off with a bang trading for Andrea Bargnani. However since then they have been left at the alter because of insufficient funds. Armed with 1.75 million left of their mini mid and a plethora of veteran’s minimums, NY still has some major work to do. Small forward is a position of concern at this moment, as players are signing left and right. The SF class of players has dwindled down to players such as Shawne Williams, Mickael Pietrus and unknown D-League star Tony Mitchell, who impressed me today in Orlando.

Also on the line is the status of Elton Brand who the Knicks seem to be waiting on. If he signs elsewhere, the Knicks summer free agency window will be a disappointment. New York needs many positions filled, and from what I can see there are not many options left.

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  • James Changer

    Come on guys, we’ve gotta to do our homework. Tony Mitchell is not the same guy we have on the NYK summer league team. The Tony Mitchell that was drafted by DET came from North TEXAS. The Tony Mitchell on the NYK summer league team is from Alabama. He’s just as athletic and even more of an offensive talent.

    • Peter A

      I know who Tony Mitchell is. Alabama is the Mitchell I am talking about.

  • Shodon

    Knowing Tony Michell,and knowing who he can be playing for the Knicks are two different things,
    we all knew who k-mart was, right!!!
    but who was that guy who showed up toward the end of the last season??? there is no way anyone can say, I knew he would make a difference. how about JR. Smith??? who was that guy two years ago???
    some guy playing in China, the Knicks picked up who? bottom line, you can bring in someone who has made a name for himself, but what we call him when he’s here…. (Stats)????