Knicks News: Free Agent Pool is Dwindling

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The Knicks roster is slowly…very slowly rounding into shape. With 9 players under contract (10 if you include CJ Leslie) the Knicks are in the hunt for some solid pieces to get their roster to 15. With the backcourt most likely set, besides a 3rd sting point guard to push the pace, the focus is now on their frontcourt and wing players to round out the team.Carlos Delfino

Free agency has picked up the last 24 hours since the reported signing of D-12 to the Houston Rockets. Players like, Earl Watson, Matt Barnes, Carl Landry, Jarrett Jack, Darren Collison, Devin Harris, and Francisco Garcia all have signed on the dotted line to teams across the country. These players were all on the Knicks short list, however they have failed to grab any of them. This is a concern for me. Players that remain are names like, Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, Sebastian Telfair, Carlos Delfino, Shawne Williams, and Tyler Hansbrough. I cannot promise you that about time you read this some of these players will be gone from this list.

The New York Knicks are in need of 2 wing/small forwards, a center, and 2 “bigs” to help up front.


One of these “bigs” should be Kenyon Martin, but I would also like to sign another “big” to add depth and spell Amar’e Stoudemire if he goes down at any point in the season. Elton Brand would be the perfect piece, however I am not sure they will get him signed up for the orange and blue this year. Lets say he signs elsewhere, where do the Knicks look for help? I would take a look at Earl Barron and Tyler Hansbrough. Two cheap options that could easily help this team during a long season and Tyler+Hansbrough+Indiana+Pacers+v+New+York+GmzWRLJJHVzxa playoff run.

Small Forward/Wings:

Small forward is a position that might be important to NY, however if the Knicks decide to use Melo at the 3 this year, NY would most likely only need a back-up SF to spell Melo. The reason I think Melo will play some 3 this year is because the Knicks went out and traded for Andrea Bargnani to play the 4? Why would you have Bargnani and Stat come off the bench if Melo was at the 4? This is why I think NY will use Melo at the 3 at some point this year. Let us continue.

One of the SF’s I would sign this year would be Shawne Williams. Apparently he has looked good in workouts recently, if he could bring the same game he did with the Knicks in his fist tenure, then I think he would be a tremendous upgrade from Steve Novak. Another possible SF could be Carlos Delfino. If NY could sign Delfino and Williams, then I think they are in good hands. If either one or both of these players mentioned were off the board, then another name I would look at would be D-League star Tony Mitchell. It just so happens that Tony is going to be in a Knicks uniform for NY during summer league play in Las Vegas. He should get a long hard look.Aaron_Brooks.widec

3rd String Point Guard:

The last position that New York is in need of is 3rd string point guard. If favorites like Sebastian Telfair or Aaron Brooks come off the board without joining NY, then a possible player to look at would be Toure Murry. Toure is a combo guard, in the mold of Jarrett Jack, who the Knicks have had an eye on for quite some time. He also happens to be joining New York in the summer league in Vegas this month.

If New York can add some, or most of these players to their 13/14 roster, then I could sit peacefully with the notion that Glen Grunwald had a good summer. As the days pass by, free agents are signing and Knickland is quiet. Let us hope and believe that Glen Grunwald and the Knicks brass are getting ready to strike. This offseason is not over, some solid rotational players are still out there, but as you read this they are coming off the board. Get in the game Grunwald.

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