Knicks News: J.R. Smith: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Mr. Smith has some soul searching to do; fresh off another disappointing playoff run with the NY Knicks, J.R. must decide where he wants to continue his career. With teams like Detroit, Milwaukee and countless others, the self proclaimed “JR Swish” has some “thinkin” to do.nba_u_smith_gb1_286

The Facts:

Unless someone blows him out of the water with a 4-year – 32 million dollar deal, I see J.R. re-signing in the Big Apple. He has established himself here, winning the 6th Man of the Year award under the constant supervision of Mike Woodson. Smith has had his moments, a matter of fact too many to list, however the biggest concern for me would be giving J.R. 5 million reasons to slack off. Smith has been playing the past two years for a big payday. He is not going to get the payday that he expected, due to his 2nd consecutive playoff let crumbling, but he still will get 5 million plus at the least, which hurts NY, due to their horrible cap situation.

The Reality:

Re-signing J.R. is not a “no-brainer”, but it’s pretty close. If the Knicks do not re-sign him they have Shump and the newly drafted Hardaway Jr. to man the 2-guard. However, the money they can sign J.R. with will be lost forever. J.R. has his early bird rights, and the Knicks can go farther over the cap to re-sign their own. This is a tricky situation for NY. Lose an inconsistent J.R. Smith, or replace him with a cheaper version of himself. Glen Grunewald has some decisions to make in the next few days.

You Get What You Get:

If I were Glen Grunwald and the Knicks brass, I would re-sign J.R. and move onto the next positions the Knicks are lacking in. But remember, J.R. Smith is very inconsistent, and head scratching at times. You get what you get with him. Do not expect the 2nd coming of Allan Houston any way.

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