Knicks News: Knicks Make Offer to Elton Brand?

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Power Forward:  Elton Brand

Elton Brand, born in Cortland, New York is 6’9” 250 pounds and is turning 34 on March 11th. Elton has had a wonderful career and is now in the twilight of his NBA tenure. Currently Elton is a rotation player for the Dallas Mavericks averaging 7.2 points 6.o rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game in 21 minutes of play. Elton was amnestied by the 76ers, which is on the hook for his 18 million dollar salary. Elton signed with the Mavs for a 1 year- 2.1 million dollar deal, making him a free agent this summer.

The Knicks should be in the market for a two way player. Elton fits that profile perfectly. He built his career with the mid range jumper, he can rebound and play some solid defense. His back up roll is already defined and the money he will be requesting most likely will be in the “mini mid level” range. The Knicks do not have much cap room, so a bargain player who gives you exactly what you desire would be a steal for a team trying to contend for a championship.

From Elton’s point of view, the Knicks are a perfect fit. He is a New York State native, would be on a team trying to contend and would be heavily relied upon in a reserve roll. This reserve roll would help Elton extend his career another couple years, while competing for a championship in NYC. Perfect fit for both sides.

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  • gossimer j.

    If this were maybe 8 or 9 years ago ok but, now? Where’s “Gustavo Ayon and Earl Clark” in all of this? He’s the answer for your frontcourt woes. Low maintenance, minimal risk. We’re the New York Knicks Gruns stop playing. No, disrepect but, where’s Dave Checketts?

  • Ken

    I have watched the Knicks since 1969 up to now. The 70′s Knicks were great. However corporate waste money on getting players on there last legs, giving away young future draft picks for old player and when they have young players they don’t play them. These players leave and become good players on other teams. Coach stop playing a 7-8 man rotation and play a 11 -12 man rotation so everyone plays, especially in playoff time when people get in foul trouble!! Take a page out of Phil Jackson coaching & the Bulls I don’t particularly like them however they played there players. I can get a few guys together and help with this situation. P.S. What’s wrong with Henry Simms young player 6’9″ played center from Georgetown? He is not asking for absorbent amounts of money just wants to play. He played for the Knicks and did fine so did Chris Copeland, Earl Barron WAKE UP KNICK BRASS YOU HAVE GOLD IN YOUR HANDS DON’T THROW IT AWAY LIKE YOU DID IN THE PAST!!! **WAKE UP** NEW YORK IS TIRED OF WAITING!!

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