Knicks News: Nate Looking for Multi-Year Deal

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Now that free agency has been active for the last 3 weeks, many teams’ financials are drying up. With a few options left on the board, teams are trying to get a great bargain out of the remaining players in the free agency pool. My eye has been one player this entire time, and now that the cash flow for many teams has dissipated, now is the time for the Knicks to strike for Nate Robinson.NateRobinson

Nate Robinson: New York should try to swoop in and grab “Little Nate” for practically a song and a dance. It is very interesting that after Nate’s spectacular post season he has not received any offers that we are aware of, unless he is demanding a ridiculous amount of money. New York could offer the energetic sweet shooter with a 3-year deal starting at 1.4 million. The 3-year deal will give Nate some security; furthermore NY could also give him a player option after the 1st and 2nd year. This would give him stability and security, but also giving him the opportunity to opt out if he has a productive year after his 1st or 2nd year. This offers him a win-win situation.

Via Frank Isola New York Daily News

Knicks GM Glen Grunwald wants to add another point guard and the club recently reached out to former Knick Nate Robinson, according to a league source. Robinson is not expected to return to the Chicago Bulls because Derrick Rose is now healthy.

Robinson would consider a return to New York but only if he doesn’t receive a more lucrative offer elsewhere. The Knicks can only give him a minimum contract or the mini-mid-level, assuming it is still available.

Bringing Nate on board would give the Knicks a 2/3 punch in J.R. Smith and Nate, while helping Melo in the offensive production of the team. New York is in the market for a 3rd string point guard, especially with the probability of coach Mike Woodson using Pablo and Raymond in the backcourt together. This signing would give the Knicks the backup they need, as well as the scoring burst they are lacking.  This could be the best of both worlds for New York.


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  • Shodon

    The Knicks are becoming a team that people only dream of, who would think that Melo,Matta, Pablo, Raymond, JR Smith and now possibly Nate(the running gun)Robinson along with the rest of the Knicks would ever be playing together as a team.
    this is really shaping up to be one of the best teams that New York has seem in a long time.
    if your a die hard KNICK fan like me!!! you’ll be counting the days till the Knicks are back at the Garden.

  • tymeout2012

    Please , Please , Please….. Go get Nate !

  • BigTyme

    Oh my! How I wud LOVE N8 back! But I thought we gave MWP the rest of the mini…only thing left is vet min? bc I remember thinking when MWP said, he was giving away his salary, “well y da heck dint we give him vey min, instead of the 1.75 mil, left from da mini!”