Knicks News: Who is Left in Free Agency?

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Now that the Dwight Howard saga has apparently ended, the New York Knicks and the rest of the league will step up their final push to free agency and snatch up the remaining players. In the Knicks case they still have some unresolved business. Chris Copeland is still sought after by many teams, and it seems that the Knicks are priced out of the Cope market. It looks to me that they have realized this and are now formulating their plan B. New York is need of another big to spell Amar’e, a “push the pace” back-up point guard, and a wing defender that can hit the three. Who is left?

Small Forwards:

Carlos Delfino – heady, intense, great ball handler, can hit the 3-ball, average defender.

Francisco Garcia – known as a very good defender, has the size to play the SF, had a great post-season, can hit the 3-ball.

Michael Pietrus  – injury prone past few years, finally healthy? Can defend guards and small forwards, willing to take the vet’s minimum?

Stephen Jackson – intriguing player, on and off the court issues, when motivated can be a dominant player.

Point Guards:

Aaron Brooks – small and lanky, can push the pace, can hit the 3-ball, not a great defender, scoring guard who penetrates.

Sebastian Telfair – 3rd stringer at best, hits the open 3, can run a little.

Jamaal Tinsley – still smart at this point in his career, half court point guard, makes the right decisions.

Will Bynum – Nate Robinson type player, minus the headache of Nate, strong and quick.

Daren Collison – once a very promising career, not strong, but can run and penetrate, decision-making is questionable.

DJ Augustin - good playoff run, nice back-up, hits the 3-ball, not a great floor general?

Power Forwards:

Kenyon Martin – fire and toughness, not much offense, brings the D, can he stay healthy?

Elton Brand – post up game, defends, hits the mid-range jumper, willing to come off the bench.

Lamar Odom – when in shape can be a game changer, can stretch the floor, plays multiple positions.

Tyler Hansbrough – intense, fan favorite on any team he is on, underrated jumper, out works everyone else, hustles.

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