Knicks News: Why Nate Robinson Should Be Signed

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Forget the fact that Nate Robinson was Knick at one point in his career; forget the fact that he played himself out of town with his immature game. Try to remember the Nate of this past season that helped an injury depleted Bulls team in the playoffs. Nate Robinson showed all of us heart and soul for those 2 weeks during the playoffs. He is what the doctor ordered for the 13/14 Knicks roster. Here is why:

Need of a Back-Up PG: We all understand how bad the Knicks need a PG to back up Raymond Felton. PP’s status is unclear and New York can’t sit around and wait forever as players to drop off the board.

What He Brings: Nate can shoot more consistently than J.R. Smith (43% and 40% from downtown this year). He can run the point as a scoring guard, driving to the hole and either laying it in or dishing it off to the open players in the corners, as well as a solid mid-range game. His fire and intensity were put on display these past playoffs, compared to J.R.’s complete fall-off and crumbling under the pressure.This cannot be denied.

06041db0bd4b8b148bd54f1afb27b09eSmith Stays: Even if he stays, Smith has proven he cannot be a consistent player throughout the whole year, history has shown us that. If you add Nate, you are giving your team two players that can carry a team from time to time, as well as helping Melo in an offense that desperately needs points. If Nate is off one night then J.R. can contribute, if J.R. is off, then Nate can fill it up. Having both on the team is a positive, not a negative.

Pablo Prigioni Re-Signs: In either scenario, Pablo should be brought back to give the Knicks the stability of a pass first oriented point guard. Pablo has shown the Knicks that he can help with ball movement and stability, something that they lacked until his arrival. He should not be taken for granted.

In either case, if J.R. stays or he goes, adding Nate Robinson to this team is an asset. He can help with scoring, while giving you your back-up point guard that the Knicks so desperately need. He can fill in for J.R.’s departure or contribute along with J.R. as a potent 2-3 punch on the offensive end of the court. The taxpayer mini mid should be enough to entice Nate Robinson to come back to New York, a place he never wanted to leave.

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