Knicks News: Why the Knicks Should Avoid Nate Robinson

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By Max Marcilla

Max’s Point of View:

A fan favorite Nate Robinson could be coming back to play at the Mecca of Basketball, as a Knick, but due to the Knicks salary issues, this move will be unlikely.Nate-Rob

After playing in New York last in 2010, Nate has spent four years on four different clubs, yet to find a team right for him. Now he is looking for a permanent home, and he has expressed interest in returning to New York. But, there are many reasons why the Knicks could shut down the idea of “Nate the Great” coming to the Knicks.

First, Nate is not what the Knicks are looking for, despite being a point guard. Robinson is not the type of player the Knicks need. Robinson has been compared to a J.R. Smith type character, as an erratic shooter and scorer. It was proven in the playoffs against Miami, when Robinson scored 27 points the first game (50% shooting) and just 12 points per game for the next 4 games (35% shooting). One player like that on the roster is enough, and after signing J.R. to a multi-year contract, the Knicks should avoid Nate.

What the Knicks do need is another Pablo Prigioni, someone who can score if needed, but can lead an offense as well as12knicks1-img-articleLarge pass the ball. That’s not Nate Robinson.

The other reason I think the Knicks will stay away from Nate Robinson is because of the money. Nate Robinson is looking for more money, maybe about $3 million, and the Knicks cannot give that type of money, even if they had it, especially to an inconsistent player. Robinson hasn’t proved he can be a reliable every night at the back-up point guard, so why would the Knicks risk that much money anyway? Instead, they could sign a pure point guard like Shaun Livingston or Sebastian Telfair, who are more reliable and steady.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nate Robinson. My first year of watching Knicks basketball was 2006, so I watched him growing up. However, while he can be a great addition to a team, that team is not, and should not be, the New York Knicks.

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