Knicks News: Will Jerome Jordan Get a Real Shot?

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Jerome Jordan, the 7’ foot – 250 pound Jamaican born center has not been given the chance to catch on in the NBA. You cannot teach size, so at some point someone will add him to their roster and give him a real look. After accepting an Jerome Jordan, Marcus Thornton, DeMarcus Cousinsinvitation to play on the Knicks summer league team, the former Knick might get his opportunity this season. New York is lacking in a back-up center after trading Marcus Camby. With youth an important move for NY, the Knicks might be in the Jerome Jordan business.

After a decent college career at Tulsa, Jerome was added to the Knicks roster as a 2nd round pick in 2010. Since then he has bounced around the world, as well as the D-League, hoping to get the chance to show an NBA team what he can do. He has a surprisingly nice touch on the perimeter, and has soft hands around the basket, with that said, Jerome has shown small spurts of “game”. Whether he can contribute to a NBA team is the glaring question at hand. His lack of defense has hurt his chances to say the least. His shot blocking ability is an asset, but it seems at times he is more interested in offense than defending in the paint on the defensive end of the floor.

With proper time to mature the past few years overseas and in the D-League, the time is now for Jerome Jordan to show what he can or cannot do in the NBA. The team to give him this chance might be the New York Knicks.

His audition this time around is in the Las Vegas Summer League. The time is the present for Jerome. He must make the most of this opportunity. If he does show he can “bang” with the big boys, then he might get the chance to be the back-up center to Tyson Chandler and a shot to be in the rotation.

Woody doesn’t mess around on defense, so if he wants to play he must hustle, rotate on D, block shots and rebound, rebound, rebound. If he does these things, then he will get his shot.

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  • Shodon

    We only got to see a glimpse of the kind of player Jordan can be. the Knick need to make a real commitment with Jordan, give him some preseason minutes and see where he takes it. you can’t expect a player to prove himself on two or three minutes of garbage time. if anyone can make a player change his game it’s Woodson.
    just take a look at what he’s done with the Knicks so far, they can be defensive monsters!!!
    Jordan can do the same. just give him a chance.

  • Myronius

    Jordan was chosen in the 2nd round back in 2010 for a reason. The little we saw of him back then was positive with very good moves around the basket. Three years later he has Europe and D League. He has youth, health, desire. Can he transition to defense? With Woody making demands and Chandler as a model there will never be a better opportunity – for Jordan and the Knicks. Time for the Knicks to give him that chance.