Knicks News: World Peace in New York?

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Going back to the 1999 draft when the Knicks passed over then, Ron Artest, for the infamous Frederic Weis, New York has longed for the day they could have Metta in a Knicks uniform. Since that draft, NY and Peace have been flirting with each Back view of Metta World Peace_s jerseyother year after year. In his career, Metta World has been the best defensive player in the league, and in the same breath, the most villainous player to touch the court.

Now in his 14th season as an NBA player, Metta has no team and no defense to call his own. However, this all might change in the next few days. Coming off a productive season in where Metta averaged 12 points, 5 rebounds in 33 minutes of play, Peace will be amnestied in order for the Lakers to saver 30 million in luxury tax penalties. Metta, for the first time since 2009, will be on the free agent market, and could possibly be reunited with the city that he was born in. New York and Metta World Peace could be a match made in heaven.

New York has been in search of a small forward to replace the recently departed Chris Copeland and Steve Novak. With finances a factor in losing out on players like Matt Barnes and Carlos Delfino, Metta Peace could be the perfect match from a salary standpoint, as well as a need standpoint for NY.

Mr. Peace could slide into the SF spot, allowing Shump to move back to his natural 2 guard position, along with allowing Melo to play the PF position. Metta still has some game left in his 33 year old legs. He is a solid defender, although a far cry from his days as the best defender in the league, but still a player that can defend his position on the perimeter with size, force and quickness.

Along with his defensive toughness, Metta can still hit the open 3-ball. With a 34% shooting average, Metta is not a drop dead shooter that will make you feel like you are watching the 2nd coming of Reggie Miller, but he still can rip the net when needed. Remember, the Knicks are not asking Metta to be a 2nd option. NY is looking for a lock down defender to sure up the perimeter defense, drain a 3-ball when open, and use his veteran knowledge to help the Knicks become a top ten defense in the 13/14 season. A match made in heaven?

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  • mr x

    now we talking shout out to mitch

  • 40yearsnstillwaiting

    that would be nice, then he and J.R. would go clubbing and shoot each other in a freak accident.

  • vern

    This would be a greatly needed piece, especially if Kmart isn’t resigned. We need that bully defense on the team.