My Knicks Plan to Destiny

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By Brian Chinni Jr.

Knicks Plan to Destiny works in different stages. Not all of them are easy to swallow, but sometimes these roads are necessary to go down, although times unpopular. The New York Knicks are at a crossroads of sorts. Should they stay on the same course or take the fork in the road and create a new 92242408path to a new destiny? Here is my  possible 2 year rebuild.


1st Trade:

Tyson Chandler and a 2014 2nd Round Pick


Perry Jones III, Kendrick Perkins,  and a 2014 1st Round Pick

2nd Trade:

Iman Shumpert, Andrea Bargnani, 2016 2nd Round Pick


Emeka Okafor, 2014 1st Round Pick (Minnesota Top 13 Protected)

3rd Trade:

J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton


2015 2nd Round Pick, Isaiah Thomas, Jason Thompson and Jimmer Fredette

Change Coach:

Fire Mike Woodson. Hire Herb Williams to be interim coach.

2014 Draft:

Draft bigs and role players for future with 2 first round picks

(i.e. Perry Ellis, Aaron Gordon, Mitch McGary, Doug McDermott)

2014 Offseason:

Hire Coach

(i.e. Jeff Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, Tom Thibodeau, etc.)

Re-sign Carmelo Anthony

Re-sign Isaiah Thomas

2015 Season:

Rebuild w/ young players and Carmelo

Suffer through ups and downs

2015 Draft:

Assuming we have a mid-round pick, draft more big men and guards

2015 Offseason:

Dump salaries in: Amar’e Stoudemire, Okafor, Peace and Perkins.

Sign 2 of the Following FA:

Rajon Rondo, Lebron James, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge or Kyrie Iriving

(I Recommend Love and Rondo)

Sign other young Center/Forward/Guard

Enter the 2015 season with a roster of:

PG: Rajon Rondo, Isaiah Thomas, Toure’ Murray

SG: Tim Hardaway Jr., draft pick, low-level Free Agent

SF: Carmelo Anthony, Perry Jones III

PF: Kevin Love, Jason Thompson, 2014 Draft Pick, Free Agent

C2015 Draft Pick, 2014 Draft Pick, Free Agent

These are my ideas. The Knicks must decide what to do in this tough situation. This plan of destiny that I have given you is one way to do it. Some will like it and some will despise it. We Knicks fans are very passionate about our team, and I think we can all agree that CHANGE needs to come to this team. My idea is a complete rebuild with the re-signing of Melo in the mix. This new roster is a chance I decided to take, but to do nothing and keep it the way it is now is not an option in my level-headed thinking.

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  • James Changer

    lol and who’s going to play defense… come on Brian.

    • Brian Chinni

      Good point. but all I can say is…who’s playing D now?

  • Orion Watson

    Trade #3 is not happening. Nobody wants Felton’s dead weight as well as JR’s undisciplined play, especially for a productive player with a bright future like Isaiah Thomas. I like the other two trades, but doubt OKC would part with a #1 pick.

  • Jo Perez

    Hey, I love the Idea, but I would trade Melo, and keep Chandler just temporarily until were up and running. Tyson is a beast on D and we need that bad. In 1998, we had players that played with something called HEART!! They played hard, and tough. I’m proud to be a NewYorker, this team has me being ashamed of my city, ashamed to be a Knicks fan, I cant take it anymore, so I really don’t mind waiting a few years for a championship as long as the Knicks management sticks to the plan. Amare: Thank you for your services, good-bye! Felton: your a decent PG, not exactly super star material though!! Good-bye!! MELO: Oh Melo, what can I say man, you are the man, scoring champion!! I really wish you the best but the reality is that we cant surround you with Champions right now and by the time we do, you’ll be around 36-38 years old poppin Viagra cause you lost the will to fight!! I understand, but BYE-BYE!!!! Prigioni: dude!! if you were like 19 years old, man you’d be top 4 in the NBA!!! But your 36 and increased playing time has proven to me that if we continue to push you, you’ll shatter like glass, first your feet go, then your knees, I cant let that happen!!! So, BYE-BYE!! JR SMITH!: My man SMITH! When your HOT your HOT!! But when you go cold, you build freakin igloos!! I think you can get better WEED out west JR so let me help you out-BYE-BYE!!!
    CHRIS SMITH= Maybe theres other things in life besides Basketball, PING-PONG is a very very fast paced sport in JAPAN!!!!! GET IT!! BYE-BYE!!

  • Jo Perez

    Now I know why we never brought Nate Robinson over, because Nate swung on Melo and JR Smith in their Denver Nuggets days…Nate was a NEWYORK KNICK!!!!