Knicks Player Preview: Kenyon Martin

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Rough, tough, rugged, and volatile. These 4 words have all described K-Mart at one point in his career. From his days at he U of Cincinnati where he dominated the glass, intimidated the world, and owned his overall first round pick status, Kenyon has not disappointed his fans, but always has polarized his base. Martin, along with Jason Kidd, took the lowly NJ Nets to back-to-back finals, losing both, but a task that was unthinkable at that point in the franchises’ existence.

After departing NJ, K-Mart ended up in Denver, helping the Nuggets upfront with his signature defense and glass intimidation. He did not dominate in the rebound category, but he did do what he was expected to do: intimidate, frustrate and dunk on everyone he could.

After moving on from Denver the aging vet ended up in LA playing for the Clippers. In his mid 30’s Kenyon still had some life in him, his “game” was in the decline, but with limited minutes he contributed very nicely.

After sitting out most of the 12/13 season for reasons unknown (my suspicions are over money) Kenyon signed with Knicks. He instantly solidified the struggling team. His defensive knowledge, his edge, and his love for the “NY moment” were a breath of fresh air for the Knicks.

The 13/14 Season:

What to expect in the 13/14 season from K-Mart:

I expect 10-15 minutes of play at best, unless injuries set in on the Knicks, which is almost a guarantee. His defensive prowess is uncanny; he can galvanize the frontline and intimidate opponents from driving down the lane. He, along with Ron Artest (MWP), will be NY’s “goon squad” that they so sorely need. His role is an important one in limited minutes. Keeping him healthy for the stretch run and the playoffs is incredibly important, so playing him 10-15 minutes a game will be the goal for the Knicks coaching staff if they are smart.

At age 35, Kenyon Martin still has gas left in the tank. He is a solid frontline contributor that can give you a consistent effort on a limited basis. The New York Knicks are lucky to have him, just as lucky as Kenyon is to have the Knicks. He is a player to keep an eye on if you are looking for toughness and defense.

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