Knicks PossibleTrades: Tyson Chandler to OKC?

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Oklahoma City Thunder:

Tyson Chandler and a 2nd round pick to OKC for Perry Jones III, Ryan Gomes, Kendrick Perkins and a 2014 first round pick.

Great pick up for OKC who could instantly insert Tyson into their lineup as the defensive anchor they need. Tyson still could be that player if put in the right situation. Obviously NY is not in the situation to utilize the talent of Tyson Chandler properly.tyson-chandler

OKC would deal a very ineffective player and contract in Kendrick Perkins, and add Tyson at the same time, which could elevate the Thunder to the NBA Finals once more.

Losing Perry Jones is a small price to pay when you are adding Tyson. Perry is behind Durant on the depth chart and most likely would not get the playing time he needs for the team to see if he is talented enough to be a big player in this league.

The first round pick is always an asset to hold onto, especially to a team like OKC that drafts so well, but another small price to pay in this deal for OKC. A reason this pick is easier to give up is because OKC has the Mavericks first round pick which can turn out to be very favorable for them.

Gomes is a spare part in this deal. No offense to Ryan but true. He was once a good player with potential but has fallen off in recent years.

In the end OKC makes out well; adding Tyson and his contract that ends in 2015 is a win for them. Losing the rest hurts like a small paper cut would.

The New York Knicks:

The Knicks pick up an aging Perkins that is the meat part of the deal by way of the contract. This allows the deal to happen since Perkins is making 8 mill until 2015, which keeps the Knicks in line for a free agent bonanza in the summer of 15.

Perry Jones is the young talent I am taking a look at in this trade. He has the potential to be a very special player if he is given the proper time to mature into his own and he has a favorable contract for the next 3 years (1 mill, 1 mill, 2 mill).

3 Perry Jones Oklahoma City Thunder
Position: F
Born: 09/24/91
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight: 235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
College: Baylor
An athletic freak with nice inside-outside game… Must play harder… Doesn’t pass the ball much.


NY could give him 10-20 minutes a night off the bench at the small forward position. Patience is the key with Perry, something the Knicks have not had success with, but the mindset they need to embrace.

The first round pick is a bonus but also mandatory for New York in this deal for it to happen. Although the pick will be a very late 1st rounder, NY needs as much talent and assets they can get their hands on.

After Tyson is Gone:

Losing Chandler leaves a huge hole in the middle. But this team is not going anywhere at this point. They are way under .500 and not looking like they will make the playoffs, will not have a pick to show for it, or much flexibility if they keep the team constructed as it is.

But, NY cannot and should not give up Tyson unless a 1st is involved in this trade. Otherwise they should shop him someplace else until they get that pick and mixture of talent, along with expiring contracts they need to rebuild. Do not give up the farm for nothing, and stand your ground in what you want in return.

The Aftermath of the Trade:

Of course after this trade Melo would think you are giving up, and that might persuade him to leave. NY’s brass needs to explain the plan to Melo: Trades to acquire talent and picks, while still staying somewhat competitive as the get ready for a reload in 2015, which is only a year and half away. Not so far away if you really think about it.

NY could look to add Barron, Diogu or another big to platoon with the rest of the Knicks squad for the rest of the year. How much worse can it get without Tyson? Some would say a lot worse, but look at the big picture. The Knicks need to look towards the future and make smart decisions that will eventually come to life in 2015. That is the year where a compete rebuild in free agency along with picks and developed young talent could converge into a Championship run.

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