Knicks Post Game Interviews: 12/21

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Tonight the Knicks were stomped on by the Bulls. Two games in a row with the Bulls the Knicks were manhandled. Physical tough play seems to frustrate the Knicks in every way. How do they get out of this rut? Lets not get crazy folks. The Knicks are sitting at 19-7 and at top of the East. No need to jump off bridges or anything, but looking in the mirror and trying to find out who you are as a team might help. Lets Get It!

Peter A. Knickswag Chief

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  • Heemdream

    I was noticing how recently guys were keeping there cool. But some adjustments need to be made and they will. But we need to get production 1 (offense and or defense) from the 1 and the 3. Last year it was TD and Linedrive Fields struggling and right now it’s Ray and Ronnie. That must get fixed

    • Peter A

      I agree. Knicks need to toughen up