Knicks Recap and Coach Woodson’s Post Game

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Tonight the Knicks lost a very winnable game to a below .500 team. Coach Woodson has some interesting things to say during his post game chat with the Knicks beat writers. If the Knicks want to continue their great season, then they must win these games. Like coach said, any team can beat another on any given night.

Peter A – Knickswag

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  • http://FaceBook/ andy Rivera

    Mr Woodson,
    I love everything you have the Knicks doing..I love everything Melo has done…but now comes “REAL TIME”, we need to finish games strainer, put a K on let other times, that we are finisher’s, not just win the games…Melo needs to touch the ball lets….I mean, it’s great what he’s doing, but when he shoots 25 to 30 times a game….that means he has the ball 6 to 15 sec’s, which means…less shot’s in the net for other player’s…so if he shoots so many shots and still get 25 to 30 points..then he’s off, he should get 25 to points on 15 to 20 shots a nite..and the other 5 to 9 shots on other player’s…smith the same…when he’s in n out as he has been at times, then he should pass on the ball, but when you need a point Melo ist n smith 2nd option….thats a no brainer…we are going to win it all this year, but it will need to be a Team on the same page way….as you have notice..when Melo/smith are off and still gets 15 to 30 point’s…not many other’s touch…Other then that…we are in the season…fine…player off they will adjust to us, keep the ball away from Mello, bother smith or Mello and their games will be off, and the Knicks will be just a pipe dream again…Sir, don’t let us down…
    Thank u

  • http://Yahoo rocketroy

    HEH GLEN GRUNDWALD….Pretty apparent to me a little Roster Re-Tooling needed before Trade Deadline…WAllace & Camby..OK when signed, but cannot stay healthy, either trade or waive them…Pretty Clear that we need a REBOUNDING PF very soon….When we lose to 2nd worse team in the NBA…Some changes are in order!!!!