Knicks Rumors: A Blast From the Past? Sean May?

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Knickswag Notes: 

This is a name I thought I would never here again. Sean May, out of Tar Hell country, is attempting a comeback of sorts. Last year he played in France after a suspect tenure in the NBA, playing for a few teams, including the team that drafted him, the Charlotte Bobcats. He eventually moved onto Europe where he had some success averaging 11 points and 11 rebounds in the 11/12 season for KK Zagreb in Croatia.

With 2 spots left open on the roster, after the smart signing of Jeremy Tyler, the Knicks are looking for bargains at the PG and Center/Power Forward positions. I would say that Glen Grunwald is turning over every rock to find players to help the 13/14 Knicks. Stay tuned!

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