Knicks Rumors: Amar’e Has Secret Surgery

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Via Frank Isola

Amar’e Stoudemire‘s hectic summer didn’t include much basketball but it did include yet another knee surgery, the Daily News has learned.

According to a Knicks source, Stoudemire had an unreported surgical procedure in July to repair one of his ailing knees. The Knicks open camp on Tuesday and have yet to announce that Stoudemire has had a third knee operation in 12 months. The surgery was described as “clean up” and isn’t considered major.

However, the secrecy surrounding Stoudemire’s latest health issue could be an indication that the club is not optimistic that they can rely on the veteran power forward. Stoudemire appeared in just 29 games last season and had debridement surgeries on both of his knees, the right knee in October and the left in March.

Knickswag Notes:

My first reaction was disbelief. How can this be…again? Two points that have me worried and frustrated about the Knicks and Amar’e Stoudemire.

The first is the most obvious. STAT cannot stay healthy, this is the main problem. Rumor is that this surgery was just a minor 215f7888043611e3a54722000a9f1597_7clean up, but the fact that the Knicks did not report it concerns me on SO many levels. Will Amar’e be productive and should the Knicks count on him at all? If they are banking on him being productive and have no REAL plan for his backup, then the Knicks are in serious trouble. However, I think NY can see the writing on the wall and will use Bargnani, Kenyon and Tyler as his replacements.

This brings me to my second point. The NY Knicks front office hides too many things. They hide info, decide not to inform, and down right do not tell the truth. This insults every major fan of the team. If the Knicks tell or do not tell vital information that has to do with the team and it’s players, then how are we ever to trust anything they say? You can’t, that’s the unfortunate truth.

I am a Knicks fan, I bleed blue and orange since the mid 80′s. However, NY tests my patience day in and day out with their lack of information. This insults my intelligence as a fan, and as a human being. This nonsense needs to stop, but things will never change as long as James Dolan and his ridiculous ownership style is still in play!

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