Knicks Breaking News: Knicks Sign Beno Udrih to a 1-Year Deal

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Knickswag Notes:

This signing IS a steal for the Knicks.Beno Udrih, coming off big contract, HAD very little choices left. Joining the Knicks give’s him the opportunity to showcase his skills for a larger contract next year, and in that time he is showcasing, the Knicks get a solid back-up caliber PG to be their 3rd string PG. He has a good handle for the ball, as well as a “push the pace” mentality the Knicks so desperately need. The most important asset that he brings that the others do not is his NBA experience at such a cheap cost.

What Could Happen Next:

Now that the Knicks signed Beno it brings their roster to 14 players, giving them 1 more spot to fill. Hopefully that player could be Ivan Johnson. If not Ivan then I could see NY staying a 14 and inviting 4 or 5 guys to veterans training camp and giving one of them a shot to make the final roster.

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  • impalaman

    great move. this guy can ball. thats what we need a 3rd string PG who could start if need be. GO KNICKS


    I guess now all those fans that’s worried about jr smith BUGGIN OUT
    has a SAVIOR IN BENOOOO!!!!!

  • Knickswag

    Good solid back up. He will play!