Knicks Rumors: Knicks Leaning Towards Keeping Chris Smith?

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Knickswag Notes:

By now you probably understand how I feel about this situation. If the Knicks decide to keep Smith over Toure’ Murry, then there is a complete injustice going on here. I love the Knicks, but how can we take them seriously if they go ahead and keep a player like Chris Smith that has not earned the right to be on this team. If that’s the case then what was the point of even having any free agents attempt to make this team? They should have just signed him to a guaranteed deal and ended the mystery.

I still believe the Knicks will keep the most deserving player. Toure’ Murry has earned that roster spot. If he gets cut by New York then he will quickly get picked up by another team who has sense. The Knicks can avoid all of this by doing what’s right and keep Toure’ Murry. Who thinks they will?

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