Knicks Rumors: Shump for Faried



Via Bleacher Report

Multiple sources previously told Grantland’s Zach Lowe that Denver was open to trading Faried, and the Knicks, desperate for rebounding without Tyson Chandler, are the first real partner to emerge.

Finding a destination for Faried while receiving adequate value in return was always going to be difficult for the Nuggets. He’s still on his rookie deal and players with his upside earning under $2 million are uncommon.

Enter the Knicks.

Shumpert is still on his rookie contract as well and has found himself on the wrong end of owner James Dolan’s warpath since last summer.

Knickswag Notes:

I might be one of the few in Knicks world that would like this deal to happen. I believe the Knicks are fundamentally flawed up front with no real PF to bang in the middle, and Melo, who is really a SF playing the power position, will not last all season health wise. The Knicks cannot expect Melo to carry the team on the offensive end of the court, and then battle other bigger and stronger PF’s on the defensive end of the court. That is a recipe for disaster.

Adding a player like Faried would give the Knicks their starting PF for the next few years. He is a rebounding machine with limited offensives skills, but he brings energy, youth and toughness that the Knicks are lacking. With Shump’s expectations at an all time high for this year, he has gotten off to a lackluster start. I was hoping he would take the next step. Although it’s still early, I feel as if the Knicks can acquire Faried, and all they have to give up is Shump, then it’s worth it in the long run. The one position the Knicks have depth in is the SG, so losing Iman would be a hard pill to swallow, but J.R. and Hardaway Jr. will ease the pain a bit.

On the flip side, adding Faried will give the Knicks the inside, hard-working, lunch pail mentality they need in a big way. This trade makes sense for the Knicks on many levels.

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  • Klassic Kaycee

    But Denver already denied the trade