Knicks Shopping Ronnie Brewer?

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Are the Knicks sending out feelers on some of their players? It is clear the Knicks are in need of some front-court help. I am interested to find out what it would cost the Knicks to land Jermaine O’Neal and his 1.3 million expiring contract? I have the feeling it would not take much, since the Suns are down and out and JO will probably leave as a free agent this summer anyway. If the Knicks could land JO for Ronnie or White and a second rounder, would this be something the Knicks would do?


Peter A – Knickswag

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  • JoJigga

    A 2nd rounder? Hell no!! We need to stop sending off picks for rentals that aren’t worth anything

  • Bob Rhodes

    NY needs to waive James White and obtain Jordan Crawford. Let’s explore moving Novak and Brewer as well for Trevor Booker too.