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The Knicks are in need of a big man to help their front-court woes. With rumors and sources reporting that Rasheed Wallace might be out for the year with his lingering foot injury,


The Knicks are officially thin upfront and depleted . The Knicks need to look at some players out of work and expendable to other teams, as well as overseas. If the Knicks want to make a deep playoff run, then counting on amare-stoudemire-2011-portrait-plusolder players who have reoccurring and lingering injuries while waiting for their 20 million dollar man Amare Stoudemire to regain form, that may never come back, is a huge gamble to wager on. Lets break it down and weigh the options.

What They Have Now:

Amare: Stat’s slowly getting back into form and conditioned, but what the Knicks will get from Amare is a mystery. Everything that we have seen so far has made me very discouraged, however time and rhythm will tell where he is. 2-3 weeks of consistent play will be a good barometer and determining factor in his recovery.

Sheed: Rasheed Wallace has missed 14 straight games from a stress reaction. I think it is a red flag that we are counting on a 38-year-old player “ to be a big part of what we do”. If Sheed comes back what is the back-up plan if he gets hurt again i.e. Marcus Camby.

Camby: Just as I mentioned, Camby when healthy and in shape is a big help in the Knicks front-court. He is long and has great intimidation, shot blocking and rebounding skills. The problem once again is Marcus has had the same injury all year and his 2-4 weeks prognosis means nothing if he keeps re-aggravating his injury.

So where does that leave the team? Their front-court is thin with the only healthy players in Melo, Cope and Kurt. Enough said in my opinion, we all know the Knicks cannot weather the storm and wait it out only to be disappointed again by another injury. They need help 201204182259827447311-p2up front and as soon as possible. Who is out there?


Birdman: Chris Andersen has been courted by Miami recently, but has not signed. He offers intensity with great shot blocking abilities and energy, but limited offense besides put backs and alley oops.

K-mart: Kenyon is an enigma. Rumors of why he has not signed on with a team in the NBA sound selfish and immature, but when focused and in shape, Martin brings defensive toughness and grit, exactly what the Knicks need. He does not stretch the floor like Sheed, but will protect his players inside and will give you that Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley attitude that belongs on a soft Knicks team.

Not Likley, But Possible:

Dejaun Blair: Blair’s rumored exit in San Antonio is something to watch. He can bring rebounding and do the dirty work that most players in the NBA do not want to do, with a touch of offense. Despite having no cartilage in his knees and a very affordable contract(1 million), Glen Grunwald should inquire about Dejaun in exchange for a draft pick or some cash.

Vernon Goodridge: Yes I know, everyone is saying who? If you follow the Swag then you know I am a fan and friend of Vernon. Watch his you tube videos and check his abilities. He is hungry and seasoned in Europe (like Cope was) and can bring offense with his remarkable shot blocking abilities. He has a nice hook shot and can post up with the best of them in Europe. Adding a hungry, gritty player like Goodridge can bring some energy to a struggling Knicks.DeJuan-Blair-says-he-wants-to-remain-in-San-Antonio,-but-is-being-shopped-NBA-News-178462

Sean Williams: Sean’s uncanny shot blocking talents is the only reason he is on this list. Too small to be a Center and too thin to be a Power Forward, Sean has not caught on to any team for a sustained period of time. Is Sean worth the look? He is only worth a look if the aforementioned players are off the list.

Henry Sims: Sims was in the Knicks camp and currently on the Erie Bay Hawks roster of the Knicks D- League team. Henry showed off some offensive skills as well as some defense that I thought was worth a 15th man spot on the roster. If not this year then definitely next year. Henry can be molded into a quality big in this league with effort on his part and tons of experience. You can’t teach size.

In summary, the Knicks need help at the big. This is not an opinion it is a reality. Waiting for players to get back from injury and re-condition themselves is a gamble that they cannot take. If they go into the latter part of the season with reoccurring injuries and a under performing Amare, then the Knicks could be a 1st round exit. The help is out there and they should go and get it before other teams swoop in and grab the best available.


Peter A – Knickswag

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  • MIKE

    Does this really matter? the knicks are back to the same knicks as last year. high priced players with a lousy coach and no game preps. they play the exact same week in week out, only 3 shooters melo felton and jr smith. even when jr and felton shoot horrible woodson still gives them the green light. its incredible how novak hardly touches the ball. they just throw him out there he stands in a corner all game long. you would think the coach would create plays for him by moving him around set a pick or 2. BUT NOOOOOO!

    • Peter A

      So what would you do?