Knicks “No Show” Against Bobcats

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By Max Marcilla

Knicks 97 Bobcats 102



The Knicks are struggling, and even though the season is only four games old, Knicks fans are starting to watch their heroes hit rock bottom.

The Knicks, now 1-3, have lost three straight games, playing poorly in all four of their games. Just like the previous game, the Knicks played a terrible images-1first half, showed signs of life in the third, then made a comeback in the fourth before they finally get defeated.

The Bobcats shot the lights out early in the game, and even though the Knicks defense tightened up in the later stages of the game, they couldn’t pull all the way back. Missed free throws, layups, and even tip-ins to the wrong basket cost the Knicks in this game.

So… Who’s to Blame?

When you add it all up, I think the Knicks problems boils down to a few things. First of all, J.R. Smith sitting at home watching the game instead of being on the court is not helping. The fact that he is sitting out because of an avoidable decision just makes me even more upset that he isn’t helping out his struggling team.

Secondly, Carmelo Anthony has to improve his shooting. There isn’t too much to say about this except for the numbers. Melo is shooting 37% this year, and that is not good.

Lastly, Coach Woodson needs to figure out WHO ARE THE KNICKS? At this point, no one has any clue on who the Knicks are. Many think New York should stick with the two-point guard line-up with Pablo Prigioni and Raymond Felton, some want to see a bigger lineup, and some are just simply unhappy with who is playing in situations.

The Knicks are an absolute mess right now and Mike Woodson knows it. After the game, Woodson said the defense “stinks” and they need to improve. Knicks will have an opportunity for revenge this Friday against these ‘Cats, this time in Charlotte. Who will show up?

Peter From Knickswag Notes:

Amar’e Stoudemire:

What can I say about Stat? He obviously is not himself. Is he done as a player? No I don’t think so, but it doesn’t look good right now. He looks slow, old and without any explosion. Some of this has to do with his minutes restriction and lack of play, but some of this also means the end of a great career. Unfortunately for the Knicks he is under contract this year and next. Gulp!

Tyson Chandler:

This injury sickens me and sometimes makes me feel as if the Knicks are cursed. With Tyson playing so well and the Knicks needing his leadership, defense and veteran knowledge, now is the worst time, if any good time is possible, to get hurt. All of us tonight need to hope and pray that Tyson is not out for more than a week, washing away the Knick season so early in the year.

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