Knicks Starting to Get it Right?

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I have been hard on the Knicks this year, rightly so, or an obvious dislike to a flawed team, I will and always will stick with my team. This franchise has consumed a large part of my life for the past 30+ years. I have only criticized because I want this team to win on every level. I am so tired of losing, bad decisions, and mismanagement of this franchise for the past decade. I am not calling for an all out rebuild unless necessary.pdd0fjfieou104feas4efg5lq

Let’s assume that Melo decided to stay an ink a max deal, do the Knicks make moves to help Melo and do a quick tinkering of this roster to end the bad habits that we have seen this year? I know all of us out there in the Knicks world would probably make moves to better construct this team to make them very competitive for the next 4-5 years. This is a tall order for any team, but it seems as if the Knicks are especially susceptible to bad decision-making. Do we have trust? I don’t see how you can trust them with the track record they have recorded over the last 10+ years.

But we must trust because we are not in charge, so what choice do we have?

Lets face it, the small ball works. I am a traditional PF guy but I get it, the Knicks are better going small with Melo at the PF. He is terrific at that power so we need to just accept it and roll with it. What the Knicks need is simple: More consistency all around is the easiest way to look at it. Shump and J.R. at the SG must be more consistent. Even if only one of them was more consistent, then the Knicks backcourt would be a ton better.

Thank god for Tim Hardaway Jr. who is a revelation at the 2-guard. With some time he can be a very effective player who would be apart of your rotation for years. With the emergence of Tim the Knicks can now look to deal Shump or J.R. in the near future to add the pieces they think would make this team better on both ends of the court.

In the frontcourt the loss of Bargnani hurts at first glance, but the Knicks seem to play a lot better without him, and if Woody was an elite coach he would ride with what he’s got until it goes bad. Meaning Tyler should be in the rotation even if and when Amar’e, Barg’s and Kenyon arrive back on the scene. If I were to add “bigs” back into the rotation I would say go like this: Tyler, Amar’e, Metta, and a sprinkle of Kenyon when needed. That’s it!

By the deadline the Knicks should be looking to add a solid back up center in the likes of a Samuel Dalembert or a Chris Kaman, and look to add a real back up point like Jarrett Jack, CJ Miles or Andre Miller.

Little moves like this will lose you a Shump, but will net you the previous players stated. Of course these moves would have to add up salary wise so an even swap wouldn’t be possible for some of them, but these are the tiny moves they could make to get better for a playoff run without comprising yourself in the off-season and 2015.

Although this offseason the Knicks are pretty much hamstrung; small bench players could be added, which could definitely help your team.

The Knicks had a better January then the rest of the season so far. Have they figured things out? Or are they just teasing us like usual? These are the questions we ask. Let’s hope for the best, root for our team, and believe that they will go on an epic run shocking the world. Let’s get it!

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  • James Changer

    Good work Peter.

  • Metta_World_Bloop

    CJ Miles is not a back up PG btw…