Knicks Steal a Game in Minnesota

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Knicks 100 T-Wolves 94

The New York Knicks have something to prove, are they contenders or pretenders? Tonight was a game that asked that question. The game was ugly from a defensive standpoint, but they averted disaster by squeaking by the Timberwolves on the back of Carmelo Anthony with a 100-94 victory and improve their record to 32-16.NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at New York Knicks


Things That Looked Good:

- Carmelo Anthony got the Knicks off the hook tonight; he carried the team the entire night and especially in the 4th quarter. Like Wally says “a win is a win”. This team needs to figure things out defensively quickly or they are not going anywhere.

- Carmelo Anthony had one of those nights where he dominated offensively with 36 points and 9 rebounds. The problem here is that Melo was the only go-to-guy on the team tonight and that is a major problem.

- Stat showed some promise with 11 points and 5 rebounds, but he only played 21 minutes. I am surprised in his lack of minutes, because the Knicks need a 2nd option to help carry the load.

- Steve Novak showed up tonight with the minutes he was given. He was aggressive in his time and we actually saw the head fake, which is something to look forward to in the future. Steve dropped 11 points on 4-9 shooting.jason-kidd-carmelo-anthony-and-raymond-felton-of-the-new-york-knicks_event_main

Things That Need to Improve:

- This team needs to take their defense up a notch. The guards need to keep their opponents in front of them, stop getting beat of the dribble, fight over picks and stop getting caught off balance.

- Shump looks like he has a long way to go in his comeback. He looks a step slow and his body language and confidence looks a little lost. Usually Shump’s D is top notch, but the injury he had was an injury that changes some player’s careers. I am not saying that is what’s happening, however NY needs to keep an eye on this developing situation.

- The Stat sheet tonight did not reflect the game at all. The rebounds (42-41 Knicks) were almost even and the assists (19 each) were as well. The Knicks only committed 8 turnovers, which is a huge plus from the last few games. However, the game looked one sided in the T-Wolves favor. I was surprised to see the stat sheet so close.

Middle Ground:

- The Timberwolves are a well coached team from a future Hall of Fame coach Rick Adelman. He has his players playing very hard for him. Ricky Rubio is a maestro with the ball and Pekovic is a machine on the boards and in the paint. Luke Ridnour has been a great shooter his whole career and always seems to punish the Knicks.

Overall, the Knicks stole this game from Minnesota. They had a weak defensive night and got lucky in this contest. Melo put the team on his back and went on a 24-7 run to end the game. Their defense secured the win, but turning on and off the defense will only kill the Knicks in the end. Up next for the Knicks is a matinee against the Clippers. The only problem is the Tri-State area is crippled with a blizzard and not sure either team can make it back in time for Sunday’s game. Stay tuned!


Peter A – Knickswag

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