Knicks Sting Hornets to Snap 3 Game Losing Streak


Post Game Recap

Final Score: Hornets: 87  Knicks: 100


The Knicks were able to end their three game skid this afternoon against the Hornets, ending their four game winning streak in the process.  The game started off poorly for the Knicks, giving up 20 points in the first six minutes as they had no answer for the Hornets offense led by Eric Gordon, but the Knicks kicked it into gear and held the Hornets to 87 points for the game.  The starting lineup again was shaken up today, this time giving some positive results from the start.  The Knicks will head into their game Thursday in London against the Detroit Pistons in good spirits as the losing streak is over.  The game against the Pistons will start at 3:30 P.M. ET.087918829961


  • One of the changes made to the starting lineup again tonight was the insertion of Chris Copeland.  Copeland took advantage of the opportunity and filled it up for the Knicks on the offensive end, something they have desperately needed recently as slow starts have killed them during this streak of poor play.  Copeland started the game well, scoring 11 points in the first quarter and ended just as strongly with seven big points in the final quarter.  Copeland finished the night scoring 22 points, the fourth time this season he has scored 20+ points, on nine of 15 shooting.  He knocked down a season high four three pointers and added four rebounds in 30 minutes.


  • Pablo Prigioni played a great game for the Knicks off the bench this afternoon, leading the team in +/- with a +19 for the game.  Prigioni was a pest on the defensive end for his match-ups throughout the game for the Hornets, spearheading a good defensive effort tonight after the first six minutes of the game.  He was also able to get the offense flowing, having six assists on the night to go with five rebounds.  He also added eight points, which is much needed as the more aggressive he is the easier it will be for the rest of his teammates.


  • Outside of the first six minutes of the game, when the Hornets scored 20 points, the Knicks defense was on point.  The Knicks held the Hornets to 40.2 percent shooting from the field, as they shot 33 of 82.  The perimeter defense was much improved tonight as well, as the Hornets managed to make only four of their 23 three point attempts, equaling a 17.4 percent.  The Knicks contested shots all afternoon and did not let the Hornets remain comfortable after the rocky start.dm_130109_nba_knicksupdate


  • The ball security was good for the Knicks tonight, who turned the ball over only nine times.  The Knicks were able to get into a rhythm because of that as they were not giving the ball back to the Hornets frequently.  When they did turn the ball over, they did not let the Hornets take advantage as the Hornets managed only 10 points off the nine Knicks turnovers; on the other hand, the Knicks scored 24 points off of 16 total team turnovers.


  • Amar’e Stoudemire looked outstanding tonight as he continues to work his way back from his knee injury.  Today, Stoudemire had a big impact on the offensive side of the ball, scoring 12 points as he went three of six from the field and knocked down all six of his free throws.  The three baskets he made all came off of strong moves in the post, showing confidence in the areas he worked on over the summer with Hakeem Olajuwon.  Stoudemire added three rebounds but is definitely still working off some of the rust as he picked up five personal fouls again in 23 minutes played.hi-res-143967315_crop_exact


  • Carmelo Anthony again got off to an awful start this afternoon, going one for his first 10.  If not for Copeland’s hot start, the Knicks would have found themselves in yet another big hole in the start.  Anthony would eventually get it going, knocking down six of his seven shots in the second quarter and scoring 18 total points as the Knicks took an eight point lead into the half.  On the night, Anthony scored 27 points but it took him 25 shots to get there, as he only made nine baskets on the afternoon.


  • J.R. Smith struggled to get going from the field all afternoon, ending the game three for 11 and only eight points.  Smith was visibly frustrated, as he yelled at the referees at one point feeling he was fouled and was given a technical foul.  Smith on the bright side did not let that affect the rest of his game, as he grabbed four rebounds, handed out six assists and had two steals to fill out the remainder of his stat line.


Kenneth Teape @teapester725 – Knickswag Contributor

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  • Mike Patton

    JR Smith going cold is definitely a concern if you are a Knicks fan. That and the Knicks have to get more easy baskets.