Knicks Take Down Warriors, Despite Curry’s 54 points


Warriors 105 Knicks 109


Tonight was an instant classic at MSG. If you like basketball, this game was for you. The Warriors Stephen Curry put on a 3-point show, while the Knicks Tyson Chandler cleaned the glass all night. In the end, Steph Curry and his Warriors could not get past the Knicks tough defense in the closing minutes of the game. New York forced 2 key turnovers late in the game and prevailed 109-105.url-2

Things That Looked Good:

- Tyson Chandler hit the glass hard tonight, setting the tone early with double digit rebounds in the first quarter. He ultimately ended up with a career high 28 boards. Tonight was the night I realized why New York signed Tyson. I have the feeling Tyson is re-energized and re-focused for the stretch run to the playoffs.

- Carmelo Anthony shot 10-26 from the field, which is too many shots, but without Melo the Knicks have zero offense. The most important stat of the game for Melo was his double-digit free throw attempts. Getting to the line helps the Knicks control the game. He finished the game with 35 points, 13-15 from the charity stripe.

- Stoudemire had an interesting night. When the news came down that he will be limited to 30 minutes a game for the rest of his career I was actually glad. If Stat can stay healthy with this plan, it only helps NY and Amar’e. On offense he looked like a “go to guy”, however on the defensive end he is definitely the weak link. Stat had 14 points, shooting 6-7 from the field and 4 rebounds.

- J R Smith was on all night; his three-ball was one of the reasons the Knicks kept Golden State from taking a commanding lead in the 4th. He shot 10-19 from the field, 6-11 from three and finished with 26 points.

- Melo was the assist’s leader for the Knicks tonight (8). This is something that all Knick fans must be happy about. His crisp passing to url-4Amar’e was a thing of beauty. If Melo can take what the defense gives him and create for others, then the skies the limit for the New York Knicks.

- Even though the stat sheet won’t show it, Kenyon Martin looked great in his 4 minutes. His defensive abilities will take the Knicks very far if he can stay healthy. He is a great alternative in place of Amar’e on the defensive end of the court. If he can help clean up the defense in his 10-15 minutes of work, then the Knicks will be on the right track.

- Iman Shumpert might have had the best game of his season. Not by scoring, but by what he is supposed to do, defend. He had 6 steals in 21 minutes of action and looked like he was in the game mentally all night.

Things That Need to Improve:

- Stephen Curry torched the Knicks all night, scoring 54 points, 11-13 from the three. Is it just me or is the Knicks perimeter defense some of the worst in the league? All night I watched NY get burned off the dribble, from JR to Raymond, the New York Knicks cannot keep guards from penetrating. This lapse consistently causes the frontline to collapse. With no help on the way, NY must figure this out internally or their playoff run will be a short one.

- Without the services of D-Lee, the Warriors had a chance to take down the Knicks at home. New York needs to take advantage when their opponents’ best player is sidelined.

- One again J-Kidd and Steve Novak gave you nothing. For the Knicks to have any chance on advancing in the playoffs these 2 guys must recapture their glory.

-  The Knicks are too reliant on the three-ball. They attempted 34 threes, while draining only 11 of them, mostly from JR. This is fools gold and url-5everyone knows it. This is something to keep an eye on.

- Curry brutalized Raymond Felton all night putting on a dazzling show, but my biggest concern is this trend that Raymond has fallen into. Other teams’ guards are driving to the basket with ease, causing many breakdowns that lead to switches and mismatches. This leads to easy buckets and problems for the Knicks. However, Raymond had a key blocked shot in the final minutes of this game against Steph Curry to help seal the deal for a great victory.

Overall, The Knicks got a solid victory on their home court. Games like this make you remember why you watch basketball. With this victory the Knicks extend their lead in the Atlantic to 2 games and are now a half game back of the Pacers for the number 2 seed in the East.

Knicks take on the Washington Wizards Friday night. I expect to see more minutes from Kenyon Martin and maybe a Marcus Camby sighting. This is good news for New York.


Peter A – Knickswag

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  • Couri Leuschner

    Melo took a couple mre shots then he should have, but the key is that he moved the ball when needed and did not slow the game dont to much, to whom ever posted that the knicks have no offense with out melo is ignorant, they run the pick and roll vey well