Knicks Talk: 21 Questions

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By Charles R. Trimble III

Rapper 50 Cent once wrote a song called “21 Questions”. This song basically questioned the devotion of a companion through good times and of course bad times, well in this case we have 21 questions Knicks fans are asking each other as the season opens:

1 - Will Stoudemire be healthy enough to play opening night after multiple knee surgeries?

2 - Will the pressure of performing on the New York City stage overwhelm Andrea Bargnani or will he flourish in his new images-1environment?

3 - What the hell is Chris Smith doing on this team while Jeremy Tyler, Josh Powell and Ike Diogu look for work?

4 - Will the Knicks 3-headed PG attack of Felton, Prigioni and Udrih be good enough to get the job done, or do the Knicks need a huge upgrade at the position if they wish to complete for a championship?

5 - Why are the Knicks carrying eight guards on this roster?

6 - With tickets so expensive will real Knicks fans continue to be priced out of our beloved MSG?

7 - Will Mike Woodson continue to be J.R. Smith’s biggest fan?

8 - What happens if Carmelo Anthony seriously re-injures his left shoulder and misses an extended period of time?

9 - Can Tim Hardaway Jr. play meaningful minutes right away and if so does he make Iman Shumpert expendable?

10 - Should the Knicks give Carmelo Anthony a max-deal possibly making him the highest paid player in the league at age 30?

11 - Can the Knicks match the 54-wins from last season and would that be enough to win the Atlantic division?

12 - If given the opportunity can Iman Shumpert actually develop into an   Eastern Conference all-star this season?

13 - How much does Metta World Peace still have in the tank at age 34?

14 -  After coming off the bench all pre-season, MWP spent some time with the starters during practice, what starting line-up will Mike Woodson settle on come Wednesday night?

15 - Who will be this season’s J-Lin or Chris Copeland or did that magical touch leave the building with Grunwald?

16 - Who is Mark Warkentien and why should we care?

17  - Can Tyson Chandler bounce back after a horrid post-season or is he simply on the down end of his career?

18 - Does President/GM Steve Mills have full autonomy or is Dolan pulling the strings behind the scene?

19 –  Can J.R. Smith stay out of the NYC Clubs?

20 - What the hell did the Knicks ever do to Charles Barkley?

21 - Could Carmelo Anthony really leave the Knicks for the Lakers after he opts out of his contract?

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