Knicks Talk: Bargnani at Center When Tyson is Out of the Game?

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Via Ian Begley

WOODY LIKES BARGS AT C, MELO AT PF: Woodson said he’d like to take a longer look at lineups that feature Carmelo Anthony at power forward and Andrea Bargnani at center. Those lineups have potential on offense but could be compromised when it comes to defending the rim.

“That’s looked pretty good as well but we’ve got to do it in longer stretches,” Woodson said. “That’s what’s important. As we close in on these last two [preseason] games we’ll probably see more of them at the big spots playing more minutes just to see what it looks like through the course of the whole game.” 

Knickswag Notes:

This idea does make some sense from first glance, but if we dig deep does this really work? I am not sure, I would need a small sample size to make my determination. Barg’s at the center does make sense from an offensive standpoint, but does is make sense defensively? Andrea at center only works if it is for a limited amount of minutes. Furthermore, I was hoping Stoudemire would be the back up center when Tyson comes out of the game for the 10-15 minutes Amar’e will most likely be granted this year.

I guess it does not matter who the back up center is between Andrea and Stat. Both are very good offensively and very poor defensively. Either way you might get the same result. I would think Stat should get the nod over Andrea only because Stat will be given such few minutes, and Andrea will be an integral part of the team anyway.

To keep Stat involved with the team it would make sense to give him a specific role and allow him to become accustomed to coming in for Tyson at a certain time EVERY game for him to get into a rhythm and contribute to the team on a daily basis. Andrea would be a HUGE part of the team no matter where and what position he is at on the floor. Giving Stat a defined role would help him and the team in multiple ways, resulting in a very successful season.

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