Knicks Talk: Beno Udrih is Being Pursued Heavily?

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By Max Marcilla

After reports of the Knicks pursuing point guard’s Bobby Brown, Sebastian Telfair, and most recently Delonte West, a new point guard has emerged in the talks: Beno Udrih.nba_g_udrih_268

Udrih has played on multiple teams over his career. He started off in San Antonio, moved to Sacramento, and then went to Milwaukee before getting traded to Orlando in the middle of last season.

Udrih would be offered a veteran’s minimum contract, which is all the Knicks can offer at this point.

What can Udrih bring?

Udrih is just what the Knicks could use at the point guard position: someone who can pass and score efficiently.

After losing Jason Kidd, New York needed another guard that could come on the court and help control the game, much like Pablo Prigioni can do. But Pablo is 36 and aging.

A few stats stood out to me about Udrih. These stats are in his 29 games with Orlando.

1. Beno Udrih averaged 10 PPG, but shot 40% from beyond the arc. He only shot 41% overall, which is a little low, but he can add the three-ball to the Knicks.

2. Beno Udrih averaged 6 APG, BY FAR the best mark of his career.

3. Once again, in only 29 games, Udrih had 6 double-doubles. Between the Knicks 3 point guards last year, in 22 games, they had 3, all by Raymond Felton.

4. Lastly, the Knicks had the least amount of turnovers per game last year, and Udrih can help that, while getting the ball to move. He had a 2.8 assist to turnover ratio, and in 7 of his 10 seasons he has posted a 2.0 or above assist to turnover ratio.

The Knicks will work hard to get Beno Udrih in blue and orange. Knickswag will keep you updated on if they can sign Udrih.

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  • impalaman

    This is what the Knicks need. A established PG who can play if Felton or pablo go down. can start if needed to. Hope he becomes a knick soon. Hope he takes the Vet Minimum to plao foer a winning team.

  • Knickswag

    I agree, not much left