Knicks Talk: Only Dolan Can Rescue This Team Now

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By Charles R. Trimble III

Looking back, the signs were there after the first game of the season against the Milwaukee Bucks, when an impressive 1st half performance was followed up by an embarrassing 2nd half that was quickly dismissed to lack of focus.james-dolan-ngngsports.com_

Well, halfway through the season the Knicks are still lacking focus. They lack focus defensively (mindless switching), lack focus offensively (JR & Bargnani) and lack focus from a coaching perspective, evident by the Dec. 17th loss to the Wizards where Woodson failed to use one of his remaining three timeouts, and instead watched a confused Carmelo half heartedly race up court for a desperation fling.

The team has failed miserably in every aspect of the game all the way up to ownership. The Knicks have the fiercest fan base in sports but even a rapid fan base must be shown winning remains a priority to the organization, and with Mr. Dolan stating no changes will be made to the staff or roster, it just permeates that making money not fielding a winning and productive team is the top priority.

Now making changes to make changes can be moronic at times, but with the threat of Carmelo Anthony walking at season’s end some plan must be enacted to demonstrate to him that this year is an aberration and not a sign of things to come!

As it stands right now the fan base couldn’t be more bewildered, because unlike the David Lee years, this team was thought to be a contender, not the 15-27 mess they have turned out to be.

It’s very deflating to see teams that once feared to take the floor against the Knicks now are salivating at the prospect of an easy win. It’s safe to say that the days of Ewing, Oak and Mase are long gone.

James Dolan, whose biggest crime at times has been his loyalty, has clearly decided to extend that loyalty to Mike Woodson. We can only hope that the faith he is demonstrating pay off because right now the Knicks are a 30-win team with no plan on paper.

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