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By Charles R. Trimble III

Iman Shumpert’s knee injury was probably a blessing in disguise, especially if it prevents the Knicks from making a dumb trade like bringing in journeyman PG Darren Collison who has played on four teams in his short career for a reason.8839_new_york_knicks-wordmark-2013

Mainly, I believe the Knicks are beyond saving this season unless you believe earning the eighth seed would be some kind of accomplishment. The team as currently constituted cannot be fixed by a band-aid trade that would only keep the team competitive.

The Knicks must look beyond a Darren Collison, Jeff Teague or Kyle Lowry, and formulate a plan to bring in a top flight PG even if that means suffering through another lousy season waiting for salaries to clear. The alternative of adding overpriced mediocre players has proven not to work over the last 40 years.

Instead the Knicks need to resist the urge to change just for change sake especially if that means trading Hardaway Jr. or Iman Shumpert, who both are young enough to have tremendous futures with the organization.

Sometimes the best trades are the trades not made, especially when non-basketball people like Dolan and Mills are making the decisions based on monetary gains instead of wins and losses.

The best case scenario is, unless you can trade for a Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving, is to finish out this season with this team. Maybe lean on the younger players on the roster to add a spark but by no means should a band-aid trade be made.

In the case of Shumpert, his biggest hindrance may well as be coaching, and if that’s the case the Knicks should explore their coaching options during the offseason, but to panic and make a change at the deadline will not turn around any fortune, it will only make things worse.

It would be a shame to watch a fully developed Iman Shumpert flourishing in the league for a contender after being traded, similar to what Doug Christie did after the Knicks moved him. I say let this team figure it out and let the chips fall where they may.

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