Knicks Talk: J.R. Smith Fires Back at Pierce

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Via Ian Begley

“I just look at him as a bitter person just getting out of Boston. He doesn’t really know what New York is all about. He’s been playing in Boston his whole career,” Smith said.

“He just knows, just know that his words have consequences and he’s going to have to pay for them.”

“They’re in one borough, we’re all over. So it’s like, you’re on an island and we’ve got the whole country. So it’s nothing really to even talk about,” Smith said at a PGA Foundation golf clinic at Chelsea Piers for the New York/New Jersey Boys & Girls Club.

Knickswag Notes: 

The battle between the Nets and the Knicks is going to be at an epic level this year. With PP and KG shooting off at the mouth, the Knicks players feel the need to defend themselves and their team.

J.R. is the latest to respond back with some classic words. However, the Knicks need to let their play do the talking, but we all know the battle of “trash talk” will be in full swing in the first meeting of these two NY teams. Unfortunately they have to wait until December 5th on TNT to let the “games” begin.

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