Knicks Talk: Josh Powell to the Knicks?

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Knickswag Notes:

At 6’9″ 240 pounds, Josh Powell has the size and length to play n the NBA, but he has not caught on with any team that he has been on. His lack of offense, coupled with his inability to keep up defensively has caused Josh a short stint on every team that he has been on. This invite is a direct  answer to the Jeremy Tyler injury and the lack of “bigs” that will be in training camp.

I do not give Josh much of a chance to make the final roster, however this is his chance to make an impression. If he can make in impression then maybe he can catch on with someone else, or maybe make the Knicks as their 15th man.  New York is in search of a “big” to spell their thin frontcourt. If Josh can show the Knicks coaching staff that he can play D, rebound and hit the open jumper, then he has a chance.

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