Knicks Talk: Knicks Still Kicking the Tires

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Knickswag Notes: Nothing new to report here. It seems like NY is giving everyone a look at free agency. With very few spots open, the Knicks are looking for 3 more players to finish out their roster. Possibly 2 “bigs” and 1 point guard or vice versa.

My belief is NY needs to not only invite Jeremy Tyler to camp but they need to also to sign him to a 2 or 3 year guaranteed deal to keep him going from a “one and done” player for the New York Knicks the way Cope did. They also would benefit from adding a rugged “Oakley” type of player like Ivan Johnson. With the last roster spot I would hope they would give the proper look to Toure Murry, however he is not a true PG and this could be a risk since they only have Felton and Prigioni under contract.

Adding a player like Udrih or Bobby Brown would give them the depth they need. The issue is that Udrih is holding out for more than the vet’s minimum and Brown wants NY, but NY is weighing their options before they commit to him for the year. They have until August 15th for them to decide on Brown, since he signed with China last week, but has a opt out deadline of the 15th. Stay tuned!.

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