Knicks Talk: Melo and Bargnani Gaining Chemistry

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Via Ian Begley

“It’s looking good,” Woodson said on Sunday. “I don’t know who’s going to start yet. But I like the makeup of Andrea and Melo on the floor at the same time with Tyson [Chandler]. In the scrimmage we worked that combination. It wasn’t bad.” 

Anthony and Bargnani have had seven practices together.

“Me and ‘B’ had a great week, just playing together, spacing it out on the court, me trying to learn from him, him trying to learn from me, trying to see what spots he likes out there on the basketball court,” Anthony said. “For the most part, he’s actually a smart player; he can play off people.” 

Knickswag Notes: 

The question since the Knicks acquired Bargnani and Metta has been who would be in the starting line-up? As training camp has gone on, more and more we have the seen the combination of Melo and Bargnani as a constant. With Bargnani at the PF and Melo back as his more natural position of SF, this spreads the floor in a way we have not seen before. Bargnani, if he could stay healthy and motivated, could be the 2nd option that Melo and the Knicks have been looking for since Melo landed in NY.

Andrea’s ability and skills are not in question, it has always been his motor and health that have set him back since his All-Star caliber year. Can Bargnani regain his passion and drive for NBA basketball after being excommunicated from Toronto? This is the question that the Knicks brass and all of us have asked since his arrival this summer.

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