Knicks Talk: Metta Vows to Fit In

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Via Marc Berman

The always colorful and controversial Metta World Peace promised he will have no problems fitting in quietly with the Knicks because he wants a ring and promised, “I’m going to fight for the city.’

“It’s easy when playing on a team to do exactly what the coach asks of you and do what it takes to win,’’ World Peace said yesterday on the new “Crowd Goes Wild’’ show hosted by Regis Philbin on FOX Sports 1.

“Don’t fall into the category of egos or ‘I want to be the superstar or I should get more shots.’ We need a ring. That’s all that matters.’’

Knickswag Notes: 

This is refreshing to hear. Everything I have heard from Ron Metta has shown me that he is here to win, and be a great teammate. His desire to bring New York a ring is obvious. The Knicks need players like this on their roster. Even though Tyson and Melo have talked about winning here, when Metta talks about it I can tell it comes from the heart. The New York Knicks are lucky to have Metta World Peace on their team for the upcoming season.

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