Knicks Talk: Metta’s Contributions

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Via Chris Smith Yahoo Sports

 Additionally, World Peace will be an asset to Mike Woodson on a matchup basis. Being able to play quality, physical defense on some of the league’s best perimeter scorers for a few minutes per night will be a huge relief for Shumpert and Melo, keeping them fresh during the season. 

It’s important to remember that Metta also has a championship pedigree. He may seem crazy more often than not, but World Peace’s voice should still be an important one.

On the surface, it might not seem as if Metta World Peace figures to have a huge role with the New York Knicks. As you dig a little deeper, however, it’s easy to see how valuable he could end up being during a long season in a much-improved Eastern Conference.

Knickswag Notes: 

MWP will be a key contributor to the 13/14 Knicks. Mike Woodson loves defense, and the fact that MWP can play D, I expect him to get  25-30 minutes a night at either the SF or the PF depending on the matchup. New York has options on this roster. We all know that coach Woody will have an open roster early in the season, and as the season drags on he will slowly cut players our of that rotation. Some of the players we see early on will be on the bench in one way or another, be it injuries or a coach’s decision, we will see the rotation slim down.

Mike Woodson is known to be a little hard-headed at times, so some of his decisions might be criticized, however with this deep roster the Knicks can matchup with opponents as well as create mismatches to their advantage.

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