Knicks Talk: What NBA Star Would Want to Play with Carmelo?

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By Charles R. Trimble III

There is no debate that Carmelo Anthony is a basketball star and offensive juggernaut, but there is one question that seems to routinely come up when he is discussed, and that question remains, who can play effectively alongside him?alg-carmelo-anthony-playoffs-jpg

Many believe that the 3yr/25M deal that the Rockets gave Jeremy Lin as the determining factor in letting him go, but there’s a strong fraction that believe he was allowed to leave because there was not enough evidence or assurances that Lin and Anthony could effectively co-exist.

Much of Lin’s star-making success took place while Anthony was injured nursing a hamstring injury. As we all know now, Linsanity unceremoniously came to an abrupt end immediately upon Carmelo’s return and Lin’s effectiveness along with Anthony soon came into question. When the smoked cleared, Lin was gone and the Knicks were left to find another option to pair with Anthony.

The same scenario seemed to play out with Amar’e Stoudemire as well. If you recall, a healthier Stoudemire was arguably playing the best basketball of his career while leading a Knicks’ resurgence, but like Lin, all that came to an abrupt end upon Anthony’s arrival.  While injuries would soon overshadow any Amar’e/Anthony chemistry issues the question still remained, who could effectively play alongside Anthony?

It’s a question worth asking, especially witnessing a frustrated Anthony become even more of a one-man show instead of using his teammates, especially Andrea Bargnani, who seems to be a very capable co-star, during this 3-8 start.

Could Carmelo actually leave New York for the Lakers and a chance to win a championship with Kobe Bryant? Of course he could, but from what we’ve seen these past 3 seasons, until he proves he can play effectively with others, will the outcome be any different from it is now?

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  • Jon Downes

    Good point. He really struggles to click with any other star, that being said I always root for him.

  • JohnABXNYC

    I was thinking this and there you are answering it..Even at 3-8, our best spurts have been when moving the ball, even if he is the recipient of an open shot because of it. Once they stop moving it and it’s in Melo’s hands, the point swing in the opponents favor begins. Then others decide to join the madness (JR Smith). Though he has been picking up a rebounding hole, his attitude towards himself will need to stop or we aren’t going to win anything.

  • priest

    He getsva bad wrap. He’s a scorer and when you’re head and shoulders above the players your teamed with, the perception becomes distorted. Yes the ball stops but there is no dominant personality to challenge or control his gunning. while Shumpert is a defensive gem in the making, he’s not a scorer. Bargnani is a jump shooting specialist ala Radmanovich from the Sonic years. Carmelo has never played with talent like the other superstars so he never learned to TRUST. He is to this generation what Dominique Wilkins was to our generation; a scorer a one man machine who could not take his team to the next level. I can see Melo in LA LLAville. He needs teammates who are hungrier than him. The last Olympics watching him with superstars you can see he has it in him to do everything. Bloated contracts and average talent may keep the KNICKS from experiencing the overall talent of Carmelo.

  • D Harold Fitch

    It’s Too early in the season to make a full analysis …. We had post offensive and a more basic D..All that switching getting them in trouble..

  • D Harold Fitch

    Kobe coming to NYKnicks