Knicks Talk: Trading for Larry Sanders

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Iman Shumpert for Larry Sanders

The NY Knicks have a hole at the center position. Yes they have Tyson Chandler, but with a 14 million dollar contract until the end of the 2015 season, are the Knicks in good hands at the center position? I do not think so. Tyson came to NY with defense in hand, but what I have seen over the last few years is a good player but not one who is worth 14 million. NY needs a shot blocker, intimidator and a player that can stay healthy throughout the season. This was supposed to be Tyson’s strong points, but not enough consistency in my opinion.

Acquiring Larry Sanders is possible.  Sanders is in the last year of his 3 million dollar contract, and will begin a 4 year – 44 million dollar pact starting next year. This is the Knicks typical M.O: Trade for a guy that has big money coming to him.

But for Larry Sanders I would be on board with this.

Usually I am not, but in this case you would be acquiring a shot blocking PF/C who is young, can play D, and can run the floor. Is he a traditional center? No, but who is anymore. With Tyson manning the middle the Knicks have gone south in a hurry. At the least Larry could be the perfect back up for Tyson who is often injured, sick and fatigued in his tenure with the Knicks. A Tyson back up is something the Knicks have never had since he has been here. This has been a problem since day 1 but a problem that has never been addressed or solved for some odd reason. Larry could be the perfect man to step in when Tyson goes down or just needs a breather, allowing the Knicks to keep up the defensive pressure for a full 48 minutes.

To take this even further, this move would allow the Knicks to shop Tyson and his 14 million dollar deal. It is possible Tyson’s price tag could fetch a 1st round pick and maybe a young player as a bonus. My previous talked about deal would be a perfect fit for both teams. The Knicks would not skip a beat, allowing Larry to man the middle. However, his lack of weight concerns me, and I would not expect him to be an all-star anytime soon, but he can be the nasty shot blocking center the Knicks have coveted since the Marcus Camby days back in the late 90’s.

Losing Shump in this deal hurts, but let’s face it. Shump is a mess. His confidence is way down along with his play. The emergence of Tim Hardaway Jr. has made Shump expendable. The only way I would trade Shump would be to acquire a shot blocker like Sanders or another need position, PG. I would rather trade J.R. but we all know that nobody is going to touch him with a ten-foot pole.

The Bucks are not too happy with Sanders these days after they signed him to a huge deal and he went out and got into a bar fight tearing a tendon in his hand, keeping him out until this past week of the season. The fact that Larry has such a huge deal in place, the Bucks would be given a player like Shump’s prowess for a modest contract. This is a very attractive deal in the Bucks eyes I would think.

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