Knicks Talk: Tyson Working on Jumper

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Via Marc Berman

Tyson spent most of practice shooting more Js while teammates scrimmaged. I asked Woodson if he’s making enough of them to ignite optimism. “I don’t know if he’s making a bunch yet,” Woodson said. “He’s shooting a lot. He’s got to get to the scrimmage first to put it to use. We’ve tried to get him comfortable to take the shot because teams are laying off him. I think he’s got a nice stroke. I feel good about him taking it.” Chandler said today he’s taking at least 600 a practice – way more than at any time in his career.

Knickswag Notes: 

Since his days as a teenager at Dominguez High in Los Angeles, California, Tyson Chandler has been known as a highflying-energizer with a penchant for defense. Early in his career he was making his name as a defensive force in the middle. Becoming a defensive stalwart was the one attribute that helped him carve out a niche in the NBA. However, on the flip side his lack of offensive game has not developed the way his defensive game has.


Now at 31 years of age, Tyson Chandler has recently begun to work on his offensive game. Is this too late or just the right time? I believe anytime you want to further your game, it’s the right time. This offseason and through the early stages of training camp, Tyson has been shooting as much as 600 jumpers a day. The results will not be positive so quickly, but in time his jumper can help the Knicks offense become more honest.

My Observations:

Since Tyson joined the Knicks I have watched his game very closely. When he does shoot the mid-range jumper, once in a blue moon, his form is actually decent. I always wondered why he didn’t shoot more, but confidence is key to a situation like this. Great form is another integral part of the mid-range jumper. This is something that Tyson already possesses.

His Contribution:

With the proper work in training camp as well as the pre season, Tyson Chandler’s confidence will grow enough for him to use this offensive weapon in actual regular season games. Will this help NY? No doubt it will. If Tyson can shoot a decent percentage, then most defenses will have to stay honest, allowing the Knicks to play the full 5 on 5, compared to the 4 on 5 they have been playing since Tyson has anchored the middle in a Knicks uniform.

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