Knicks Talk: Woody’s Honesty About Chris Smith Making the Team


Via Marc Berman

“I look at him just like I look at J.R., though J.R. is the guy who played in a uniform and has been very productive for us. I have a great deal of respect for that family,” Woodson said. “That’s his brother. I respect that. We got to make some decisions. What those decisions will be, I don’t know.’’

Woodson said the Knicks likely will make their first cuts Thursday night after practice. A meeting is scheduled with the coaching staff, scouts, new president/GM Steve Mills and owner James Dolan, who believes in making the superagency CAA happy because it’s good for the franchise in the long run.

Last spring, Chris Smith fired his agent, Marc Cornstein, in favor of CAA’s Leon Rose, who represents J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony. The Post reported the maneuver was seen by some in the league as “a package deal’’ as J.R. entered free agency.

Knickswag Notes:

I get it, I understand it, Yes, Chris Smith is the brother of J.R. Smith. We respect that, but we are not running a pick-up game here. This is NBA basketball. Only the players that earned a spot fair and square should make the team. Can anyone out there say that Chris Smith earned his spot over players like Toure’Murry or _____?  No, you cannot say that because it’s a fact!

Chris Smith is not an NBA player in my eyes. Yes he is talented, but deserving of a roster spot? No way. An invite to the D-League maybe, now that makes more sense, but to keep him around because J.R. and Chris are and were a package is absurd.

J.R. Smith is obviously a very good player and major part of the team, but to assure him at his signing that the Knicks would keep his bother on the roster is just plain crazy. This possibility could not be true can it? I would hope that we are not rooting for a team that would think about doing that, unless the player they were promising a favor to was a top 5 player or Carmelo Anthony, but for the likes of J.R. Smith, not a chance would I do that.

I believe it is safe to say that Thursday night will be cut day and Chris Smith will be one of those to go. No disrespect and much love towards Chris, but this has to happen, unless our world is upside down and James Dolan is in charge…Oh sh*t wait.

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