Knicks Talk: Zwerling with Beno



Knickswag Notes:

Jared’s interview with Beno was revealing about the Knicks strategy in free agency from the beginning. New York, while in financial restraints, still went out and targeted the players they were interested in, and pursued them until the end. Not many players would accept a lesser role as well as less money for an opportunity to play in a great city like New York. However, with a chance to play for a playoff bound team with aspirations of NBA titles, is intriguing to most.

Furthermore, most players will go where the money is the best. So, when Beno says he kept his options open and chose NY because of their chances to WIN, I think this is a little disingenuous of Beno and most NBA players to say “it’s all about winning and not always the money”.

Beno is here partly because of the winning situation, but let us be honest, If another non-playoff team offered him 3-5 million a year, I am almost positive Beno would have been playing for that team next season.

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    welcome BENOOOO!!!!! A GOOD GET. now fake ass knick fans can TRY AND CALL FOR JR.s HEAD thinking they found the one. but if he DONT PLAY D
    woodies gonna finish em!!!!