Knicks Trade Brewer to OKC for 2nd Rounder

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Today was a day of anticipation for most Knick fans, only to be disappointed with little activity. However, in the last few minutes of the 3pm NBA trade deadline, the Knicks created a roster spot by sending seldom used Ronnie Brewer to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a future 2nd round pick. This move was done for one reason only. This move was to create an open roster spot for a player of need. Who that player might be is only speculation, however we all think it might be Kenyon Martin or another big. If I was in the Knicks brain trust I would release another player and wait to see who gets waived in the coming weeks. The New York Knicks have some serious trouble to work out. Adding one player is not the antidote, but a player like Kenyon Martin or a Jermaine O’Neal (if he gets waived) is a step in the right direction for the final stretch of the season and playoffs. Now if they can only get a back-up scoring point guard to help Melo shoulder the load (Allen Iverson anyone?) Stay tuned.


Peter A – Knickswag

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