Knicks Trade Look In: Thomas Robinson

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Thomas Robinson, the young PF from Kansas was a beast in college. However, in the NBA he has not seen the court enough to judge him as a bust or a sure shot. Drafted 5th overall by the Sacramento Kings, then traded to Houston for one part of the Morris twins, Thomas was buried on the bench for the rest of the year, as well as the playoffs with the Houston Rockets.

What is Thomas Robinson’s upside? His size and strength was evident at Kansas, but so far in the NBA he has not performed as a 5th pick should. His back to the basket moves are adequate at this point, and could only get better with hard work and proper training. His jumper is shaky at best, however like many “bigs” without a soft touch, hard work and reps could advance their game offensively.trob

Would he be a good fit for the New York Knicks? He would be a perfect fit for the undersized NY Knicks. He can come off the bench, bring size, youth and athletic ability in the paint, as well as around the basket. We all know that Amar’e is limited with minute restrictions and injuries, so T-Rob would be a natural alternative for STAT. He could ease his way into the position and learn from the vets, while giving the Knicks a top 5 draftee to add to their roster. He is a young talented prospect with a ton of upside, no brainer if you are New York.

Can and how the Knicks can steal him: This task will not be easy. The Rockets want to dump salary, not add. The Knicks have a 1st rounder that Houston might want, but that will not be enough, because the Knicks cannot add salary. The Rockets would need to take either Novak or Camby which is most unlikely. New York could attempt to sign Cope and trade him, but then again Houston is looking to shed salary for D-12, not add. The only way this could work is if they took either Camby or Novak, since their salaries are only guaranteed for this upcoming season and not the final year in their deals.

In the end, this deal possibility is on shaky ground from the start, due to the Knicks lack of assets and financial flexibility. T-Rob is a great prospect the Knicks could use for now and the future, but the odds of them grabbing him are slim. However Grunwald has shown in the past he could get creative
. Maybe he can swing a 3-team deal with T-Rob ending up on the Knicks. Stay tuned for the soap opera that is the New York Knicks.

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