Knicks vs Nets: They Really Don’t Like Each Other


By Max Marcilla

Now that the NBA has announced the Knicks and the Nets are going to share the 2015 All-Star game, I think this is the prefect time to discuss the heated summer between the two New York teams.rob_mcerlean

I think it is safe to say that J.R Smith and Paul Pierce don’t like each other.

This offseason has been an interesting one, with trades, signings, and even the emergence of a player by the name of Jeremy Tyler in the Summer League, but let’s be honest Knicks fans, we all wake up every morning and look at ESPN for a story with this headline: MWP on Nets: Who are those guys? Or, Nets’ Evans on J.R.’s ‘guarantee’: LOL

This rivalry between the Knicks and their new neighbors, the Brooklyn Nets, has had some great moments even though they only played 4 games. Jason Kidd (former Net and now Nets Head Coach) hit the go-ahead 4-point play late in the fourth quarter in a thrilling game at the Barclays Center, and the Knicks rallied from 20+ points down in another. But overall, the series was even, as the teams split the 4 games.

Now think about what could be in store for the basketball junkies in the world, but more importantly here in New York. Once again these teams will play four times, each getting 2 home games. However, a few things will be different this year.

This time, instead of wearing blue and orange, Jason Kidd will be in a suit on the sideline, coaching players of the black and white colored Brooklyn Nets.

This time, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will be on the court, instead of playing in Boston, they will be in different colors all together. May I remind you of the KG-Melo drama of last year?

Oh, and last but certainly not least, what about this scenario. The Knicks and Nets are projected by most to be the 4 and 5 seeds in the eastern conference. What if the Knicks and Nets have to battle it out for at least 4 games consecutively? Can you imagine the blood, sweat and tears that will be spilled in that series? Could you imagine the trash talk that will headline all outlets from york-knicks-v-brooklyn-nets-20121126-193612-197these two rivals for a 7 game series? Makes for good drama, something you would see on a daytime soap opera.

I was a little skeptic to call the Knicks and Nets a “big rivalry” because unlike some rivals (like the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers) they don’t have a lot of history against each other. However, by the words that have been spoken, it is obvious that these players are not friends, and now to make matters worse they have to share an All-Star game? Wow!

While we all know these teams have one goal in mind (Championship or bust), there is no doubt in my mind that the 4 games that the Knicks and Nets play will continue a new era of rivalries in the NBA. Get ready for the most heated rivalry in New York, if not the entire NBA.

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  • LegendSports

    Its going to be an interesting season, Brooklyn has more potential to go deeper in playoffs.