My Letter to James Dolan

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By Diane Omerza

Dear Mr. Dolan and Knicks Management Team,

I came home from Clydes Wine and Dine a few nights ago and I went right to my room and packed up all my Knicks gear. For the first time I just can’t do it anymore.new_york_knicks_by_devildog360-d51b5ce

What I don’t understand is why it seems to mean more to the fans than it does to management. We are very, very loyal fans. That may be our problem. There is no loss for ownership when a bad product is put out there. I for one take offense to that. I also take offense to the fact that there are gag orders on the General Manager, the scouting team, and even the coach and players to an extent. The fans have a right to know what direction we are going in.

We are going to lose Carmelo Anthony and that is going to be a very sad day. He has no reason to stay. He deserves to win a championship. He deserves to be in the MVP talks. Playing on this team he is robbed of that. He gives 150% every night. He needs help. He is a superstar not God.
We are also going to lose a lot of  young fans to Brooklyn. They are up and coming and the powers that be there are not afraid to put people in charge that know more than they do.

I am asking you to take your ego out of ownership. Put people in place that can run the team. We need basketball minds that know the business, players, and have reputations. Let them do the work, do the interviews, let them get us to be where we should be. Than you can take responsibility for turning it around.

Just a little about me. I am a huge fan that asks for tickets for my birthday, Christmas, or anytime my family wants to get me something. I didn’t go on vacation last year for my anniversary thinking I may miss a playoff game. Instead my husband took me to a playoff game. I honestly care about the team, Melo and the NY product.

Thank You,
Diane Omerza

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  • James Changer

    If I was GM for a few hours: First try and Trade expiring contracts, sign some 2-way players – High I.Q players. rebounders, shooters, wing defenders. Keep Toure Murry, THJ, Tyler, resign Melo and rid the team of everybody else. FIRE Mike Woodson and replace him with either: Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van Gundy, Lionel Hollins or see if we can get Thibs from Chicago. Find a way to sign Rondo, Jeff Green.

    • just sayin

      Sounds interesting! especially getting Rondo,Jeff Green , they need to do somethin fans are getting tired of the no championship win since 1973 !